Rachel Charlene Lewis
February 10, 2017 3:15 pm

People get tattoos for a huge variety of reasons, but one reason is that tattoos can be a great self-love reminder. What better way to encourage you to take better care of yourself than a reminder that’s literally on your body!? With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’re thinking that a good ol’ heart tattoo would be an amazing way to celebrate your love for *yourself*, and these heart tattoos are totally gorgeous, and totally impactful. Who couldn’t use a little more self love?

1This blackwork geometric heart

2And this anatomical, black-ink heart

3This heart tattoo filled with video game vibes

4This rope heart tattoo

5This delicate heart with an arrow

6This mine-and-yours combo is way cute

7This simple, clean heart

8This bright and colorful heart tattoo

Here’s to loving ourselves and our bodies every single day of the year!