Scarlet Meyer
April 09, 2017 11:23 am
Charli Rose /

The Internet is filled with incredible makeup tutorials. If there is a brand new technique you’re curious about, it’s pretty much guaranteed there is a video out there for you. Enter baby beauty guru Charli Rose, a 5-year-old beauty vlogger. According to her YouTube channel, the “tiny blogger” is a Gap Kids model, a lover of trampolines, and an avid fan of puppies — and, of course, a 5-year-old makeup tutorial guru.

If you’re looking for something new to try, Charli’s got just the thing. Her new unicorn makeup tutorial is everything we’ve ever wanted.

She’s our brand new hero!

Charli demonstrates a unicorn inspired makeup tutorial with the new line from Tarte Cosmetics. We’ve got to say, even though she’s only five, she does an amazing job. She explains each product perfectly and applies it with ease. Most importantly, she does an incredible unicorn neigh using her makeup brush as a horn!

Hey, she did say this was a unicorn makeup tutorial.

We’ve got to hand it to Rose. Not only is the future makeup artist totally adorable, she is working with some great products! Tarte’s unicorn makeup line looks amazing.

And who better to show you the joys of unicorn makeup than a pint-sized unicorn princess?

Tarte, if you’re paying attention, hire this little girl to be your spokesperson! She is seriously the best, and we will buy anything that she tells us to.

Check out the video in it’s entirety below, and be prepared to be amazed by Rose’s cuteness. Our favorite part might just be the super serious face she makes while putting on makeup. Also, she rocks the awesome teal lip gloss at the end. We cannot wait to get to the store and play with some unicorn inspired makeup ourselves.

We’ll be trying this look out for sure.