Sophia Elias
Updated Apr 24, 2014 @ 9:20 am

It’s no secret – sportswear and springtime have had a longstanding relationship, but this time, they’re taking it to the next level. Let me just preface this by saying that I get a little apprehensive writing about trends because they’re fleeting in nature, but I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw some 6th grade inspired sportswear coming back. Slip-on athletic sandals, basketball inspired shorts, track pants and perforated bags are everywhere and personally, I’m loving it. Even if you’re not as thrilled as I am, you may still manage to find a bit of inspiration for your springtime wardrobe. I’ve included four of my favorite sportswear inspired pieces for your consideration.

Item #1 – Basketball-Inspired Shorts

How’s that for a silhouette? I love that this look transcends the typical springtime skirt and gives us a little something more unexpected. Depending on your personal style and preference, you can take this trend quite literally, or go a more traditional route…and by traditional route, I mean culottes. I know (culottes, really?), but don’t dismiss them just yet. What was once [and perhaps still] associated with ill-fitted school uniforms and general lameness is turning out to be quite sophisticated and comfortable. If culottes are simply not in the cards for you, longer shorts and midi-length skirts are great alternatives. Whatever you decide, do what’s best for you and your body!

Item #2 – Jogger Pants

Aah, the effortlessness. If you’re looking for a versatile piece that can seamlessly transition from day to night, track pants might be your ticket. Whether you throw on some flats or whip out your heels, these pants keep you looking relaxed and sophisticated. They can also serve as an interesting alternative to shorts; I’m all for keeping yourself cool with some comfy, lightweight fabric.

Item #3 – Flatbed Slides

It seems that ever since Céline released their iconic [and highly divisive] “Furkenstocks,” sport-inspired sandals have been on the come-up. I’m not ashamed to admit that I sought out a pair of Adidas slides at the first sign of spring. Other than the obvious comfort factor, they didn’t exceed $30. If you don’t want such in-your-face sportswear, there are more demure options on the market at every price point imaginable.

Item(s) #4 – Perforated Leather Bags

Perforated leather bags may not be a staple of your old locker room, but they certainly look sporty, don’t they? The small perforations are reminiscent of an athletic jersey. And, much like an athletic jersey, I just want to take these outside and let them aerate! If you like the perforated leather look well enough, try it out on the rest of your body. Here‘s some inspiration to give you a few ideas.

Happy spring browsing, everyone!