Angelica Florio
Updated Jan 24, 2017 @ 11:30 am
Credit: @hola_holson/

It’s the age-old (and oft-problematic) saying: beauty is pain. Beauty definitely doesn’t always need to be painful (and in fact, usually shouldn’t be!), but these one-line tattoos are beautiful and likely are quite painful to get— no stopping once it starts! Creation of the subtle tattoo method is often attributed to Mo Ganji, an Iranian-German tattoo artist who focuses on minimalism to create an incredible look.

The tattoo trend has taken off and the beautiful body-art can be found all over Instagram. The continuous ink lines creates a beautiful fluidity to the tattoo, and it’s going to make you want to call up your local artist to get one on your body, STAT. These are some of the best one-line tats out there right now — until yours, that is.

1. A simple seahorse

2. This steamy kiss

3. A totally magical unicorn

4. A simple and beautiful tribute

5. Why not pay homage to your passions?

6. Possibly Picasso-inspired

7. An awesome rugged mountain scheme

Are you totally in love yet?

8. This elegant portrait

9. This assembly of faces is pure art

10. A striking showcase of a powerful animal

11. Or a more abstract animal

12. The perfect way to remember where you’re from

13. This geometric elephant

14. One of the most memorable Disney characters

15. This simplified city skyline

16. An iconic philosophical story

17. This design because shapes are cool

BRB, calling up the tattoo shop real quick.