An hour before I started writing this, I bought a pair of lavender flats with doves on them, and a pineapple scarf. They were on sale! I had a moment of weakness, okay? Truthfully, I have a lot of moments of weakness, and I can’t exactly afford to have them. But there are just too many things, and I want them ALL.

Except if I bought everything, my apartment may start looking like an episode of Hoarders, and I wouldn’t have money to buy dinner. So, I’ve been trying to wean myself off impulse shopping. It’s hard. There are so many harmless deals and shiny things I want! But, like The Rolling Stones once said, you can’t always get what you want. And that’s a good thing. It’s time that you and I started practicing smart shopping and saying no to stuff we just don’t need.

Unsure whether your recent purchases count as impulse buys? Here’s our list of unnecessary goods we should all just walking away from:

1. Really cheap high heels

It’s hard passing up on some twenty-dollar heels, but do it for the sake of your soles (ha!). No, but really. In my life, I have never bought a comfortable pair of cheap heels. Those don’t exist. They are a myth. Like the Loch Ness Monster.

2. Starbucks accessories

Starbucks KNOWS you will probably cave and buy one of their stylish and adorable mugs, ornaments, or tea infusers because you haven’t had any coffee yet, and the line is super long, and you are incredibly susceptible to anything caffeine related that will make you instantly happy. Those mugs are like 12 dollars each! Step away. You have mugs. There is no need for a porcelain mini-Starbucks latte, bronze travel mug, or a cup made of chalkboard.

3. Yankee Candles

When I was in Massachusetts a couple summers ago, I did a very touristy thing and visited the Yankee Candle Factory, which is basically a year-round winter wonderland where you can make your own candle and sniff every single candle scent in the world. I ended up spending like $50 on a candle I made in the shape of a lobster, and a bunch of mini-candles on sale. It was insane. You don’t need expensive candles, you just don’t.

4. Super cheap makeup brushes

I only recently started wearing more makeup than just eyeliner, and one of the makeup artists at the mall suggested I buy some brushes to apply all the eye shadow I was getting. She pointed to their brushes, which were like $20 a pop. “No thanks,” I said, feeling proud of myself, and got a pack for five bucks at Claire’s. While cheap makeup brushes technically work, they break really easily, as it turns out. Who knew?

5. Gangsta Of Love t-shirt

I know you are totally a gangsta of love. But you don’t need to buy a t-shirt to prove it (or any t-shirt that hints at your love life).

6. Nail polish

I KNOW it’s super tempting to buy the perfect shade of mint green, but we must get a hold of ourselves. My nail polish collection is ridiculous! I probably could have bought a new car by now with all the money I’ve spent on polishes.

7. Cheap bras

Although there is nothing wrong with a frugal undergarment purchase, beware of bras that are not good quality. They might be cute, and bright, and sassy, but if the underwire pops out after the third time you wear them, it’s time to invest in an elite few. That way, your bra doesn’t stab your boobs, and you get all the support you need and deserve.

8. The newest Oreo flavor

It seems like there’s a new flavor of cookie, chip, or cracker every single week at the grocery store. While I can vouch for the new Marshmallow Crispy Oreos, I’m not so sure about the cookie dough flavor. I know pickled-flavored Pringles is something we should all at least try once, but maybe some mysteries should stay mysteries.

9. Makeup from Urban Outfitters

It’s always by the cash register, and it’s always glittery with temptation. Magnetic nail polish, soap in the shape of a neon pink skull, and hairspray that smells like cupcakes are all really cool buys, but the likelihood of you actually using them is probably smaller than you think.

10. Magazines

If you’re buying magazines at the grocery store for $5 each, stop doing that! It’s so much cheaper to just pay for a yearly subscription (I’m talking 12 bucks A YEAR).

11. Energy drinks

I’m not totally sure why a Red Bull has to be $6 a can, but it is – and that’s crazy. Brew coffee or tea at home. Obtain caffeine that won’t destroy your savings or your stomach lining.

12. Your fifth iPhone case

Do you REALLY need that owl phone case made of bamboo? Probably not.

13. Flimsy sunglasses.

I know we’re just going to recklessly toss them in our bags anyway, but maybe it’s time to stop buying all those $5 plastic sunglasses, no matter how chic they initially seem. A popped-out lens never looked cute on anyone.

14. DVDs

You’re not going to watch Zoolander more than twice. Rent it.

15. Some random kitchen appliance you will never use

Popcorn makers sound great in theory, but how many times are you really going to use it? An electric wok? A bread machine? An egg cooker? We all know that in most cases, it’s best to just stick to the basics.

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