Jessica Wakeman
Updated May 26, 2016 9:49 am

Prepare yourself for, oh, about 36 new nail art ideas: Allure magazine just dropped a new video looking back on 100 years of manicures and all of them are gorgeous. We learn about the looks that defined the decade, as well as the style influencers — both men and women — who invented iconic nail products or popularized certain manicure styles. (And what’s really interesting is how subtly different each decade is interpreted from this recent video about 100 years of nails!)

We start of with the Roaring ’20s, where moon manicures (sometimes called half-moon manicures) were that cat’s meow:

Then it’s on to the 1930s, when bright red almond-shaped nails with silver tips reigned:

Next comes the 1940s, when red, oval-shaped nails or short pink nails were most popular:

Then came the 1950s, when orange become the color du jour:

Moving on to the 1960s, manicures colors took a turn for the creative, an indication of the psychedelia to come:

By the 1970s, the French manicure came onto the scene (and it’s stayed there ever since):

100 years manicures allure

The 1980s saw our tips go — you guessed it — NEON:

The 1990s feel like yesterday, probably become short, dark nails in Chanel’s Vamp polish are still de rigeur:

Last, but certainly not least, are the manicures of 2016, where it’s all about the nail art:

What a cool and quirky history lesson! You can see all the manicure styles of the past century in Allure‘s full video.