Have we mentioned that we’ve been totally loving‘s latest series, 100 Years of Beauty? Not only are these vids totally fascinating and captivating to watch, but they authentically and amazingly highlight fashion trends over the past century in such a short amount of time (90 seconds-ish . . . that’s a decade every 9 seconds, people!), all while shedding light on various cultures around the globe. Cut has shown 100 years of beauty in six different countries so far, including Iran, Korea, and Mexico. . . and now, the seventh installment is here: India. has outdone themselves once again. Demonstrating how in every decade, the dramatic, colorful fashion of India was beautiful in its own, totally unique, perfect way. This video features the lovely Trisha Miglani, model and dancer, who was dressed and made up to portray each decade’s fashion throughout the video. It was totally fascinating to watch the different styles evolve, featuring veils, bindis, mehndi styles, and, of course, beautiful hairstyles.

As always, Cut started with the 1910s, which featured a much more simplistic, natural look with a beautiful veil:

But as the years went on, we started to see some fabulously bold lip colors and beautiful bindis:

If you didn’t think the feathery hair look of the 1970s spread all over the globe, think again:

And we’ve got some chunky side-braid action and vivid makeup color going on in this fun ’80s look:

And finally, the vid ends with the gorgeous mehndi henna of today:

Check out the entire video featuring all of the gorgeous Indian fashions over the past 100 years! Prepare to be totally mesmerized. We can’t wait until the next installment, but until then, we’ll settle for watching this one a million times.