Stephanie Hallett
Updated Dec 28, 2016 @ 1:02 pm
Credit: Fashion Couture Store

Has this year been terrible? Sure. Absolutely. But a good New Year’s Eve manicure can help boost your spirits, even if just a little bit. So we think it’s worth making the investment.

And no, of course NYE nails are not going to ease your heartbreak after losing incredible artists and icons. And it’s not going to make up for the dumpster fire of a political year we’ve had. But a touch of self-care goes a long way, and a pampering manicure could be just what you need to kick off 2017 with a positive outlook.

So if you want to get your nails did for the big night, allow us to offer a little say-bye-bye-to-2016 inspiration.

1Add some fireworks to your fingertips.

2Use nail decals for a super-clean nod to the year ahead.

3Give yourself a glittery accent nail.

4Or add glitter to every nail and make one extra special.

5Rock the year’s hottest manicure trend: chrome nails.

6Paint some champagne on those tips.

7Shatter the glass ceiling in Hillary’s honor.

8Go for an ~all of the lights~ look.

9Remind yourself how many glasses of champs it took to get through this year.

10Countdown to 2017 with a cute clock accent nail.

Remember to enjoy yourself this New Year’s Eve, whatever you do, and be sure to appreciate the friends and family around you. We certainly appreciate all of YOU!