This beauty vlogger’s revealing video sends a message the Internet needs to hear

Beauty vlogger Jordan Bone gets a lot of questions about her hands in the comments of her YouTube tutorials. Questions like “What’s wrong with her hands?” and “Why is she holding her hands like that?” As The Independent reports, Bone explains in a vlog she posted last week, the reason her hands are curled into almost-fists is because she can’t move them. Bone has been a tetraplegic for the past 10 years, as the result of a car accident. Tetraplegia is the partial or total loss use of limbs and torso. What that means for Bone is that she doesn’t have the use of her legs or hands.

“Being the girl in the wheelchair wasn’t my plan,” Bone explains in the video. “So I didn’t want people to see just the chair.”

So Bone worked hard to become a great beauty blogger, even though this was extraordinarily difficult for her to accomplish without being able to use her hands like most other beauty gurus.

“But I perservered, and I am happy with how my useless hands help me enhance my face each day,” she tells us in her vlog.”It’s insane how much we grow with the challenges we face.”

Bone also explains how important it is for her personal independence to be able to do her own makeup.

“There are so many struggles in my life. I mean, I can’t dress myself or do my own hair, so to be able to do my own makeup is my thing.”

Bone shows us in the video the ways she deals with not have full use of her hands, things she normally edits out of her videos, like using her mouth to hold brushes and uncap eyeliners.

Bone’s message is one of perseverance, and it’s also one of positivity.

“What prompted me to do this video was how people leave comments on my videos about my hands,” she explains. “People on social media sometimes say things without thinking, and sometimes it hurts. So next time you ask someone a sensitive question or leave someone a negative comment, think. Think about how it may affect their day. Always spread positivity and be kind. Life is too short to waste on negativity.”

Though Bone says at the top of this vlog that she did not want to be known for her disability, we’re so glad she made this video highlighting how much she’s overcome. She took thoughtless comments and turned them into a valuable teachable moment. There’s so much to learn from this story. Bone’s dedication to her craft and her commitment to succeed despite the obstacles in her way are mindblowingly inspiring. And she takes a great, big bite out of Internet bullying by revealing her struggles and asking people to choose kindness over cruelty. We are such huge fans of Bone’s tremendous act, and all that this incredible beauty guru has accomplished, and we hope this video really causes people to think twice before they type and inspires others to follow their passions, no matter how challenging they may seem.

Check out this inspiring time a gazillion vid below:


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