This beauty vlogger proved that there’s no real difference between drugstore and high-end makeup

Beauty Instagrammer Raye Boyce (aka ItsMyRayeRaye) did a video that totally disproved the idea that you have to spend a lot of money to get a STUNNING look. Because why spend money to be gorgeous when you can be cheap and remain just as chic?


The super beautiful vlogger did this fun tutorial where she made up half her face with higher-end products, and half with more affordable makeup.

“I wanted to try out this tag and show you all how you can achieve the same makeup look using affordable or expensive makeup.”


”I decided to do my simple everyday makeup since you all seem to like that the most but the point of the video isn’t the actual makeup style but more so showing how affordable and expensive makeup look the same. Most of the makeup brands you use today and are made with the same formulas or similar techniques in the same factories.”


We love that Raye took the time to create this cool video. Everyone who loves playing with makeup and beauty should have access to the products necessary to create all types of stunning looks, and people like Raye raising visibility of the MAJOR variety of products out there of all different brands (but still totally high quality) is so *important.*

Watch the full tutorial below!

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