This beauty vlogger made a “contour mask” without using makeup

I’ve been a fan of Farah Dhukai since her “Draw My Life” video in 2013. (Warning, it’s a tear jerker.) Her natural DIYs and hair tutorials are creative and easy to follow. She posts a lot of them on her Instagram page and I can personally vouch for the turmeric mask—it’s a game changer.

In her latest viral video (via, Farah shows us how to multi-mask which is when you use different masks on only the areas that need them. Using an acne mask on your T-zone alone and a hydrating mask everywhere else would be an example of this. For most beauty junkies, this is nothing new. Plus, it’s an amazing way to preserve pricey masks. (Do I need to use my acne mud mask where I never break out? Girl, no. I’ll save that for later, thank you very much.)


Farah takes multi-masking a step further by literally highlighting and contouring her face without makeup. She created a brightening mask out of rose petals, honey, and yogurt and a tightening mask out of coffee grounds, cacao, and honey. Next, she simply applies them the same way you would with concealers, creams, or powders.

Here’s the highlighting…


Then the contouring….


The after results are pretty awesome.


Check out the vid, below.