Beauty Trends: Super Easy, Sharp Edged Eyeshadow!

This week, I’ll be showing you how to update your eyeshadow technique in a matter of seconds! This look is a great alternative to winged eyeliner and looks instantly glam! The ‘sharp’ eyeshadow look is popular with many make-up artists and celebrities alike, with the Kardashians even sporting this look from time to time.

All you’ll need is a few shades of eyeshadow from the same colour family, two eyeshadow brushes (one large and fluffy for blending, and one flat smaller brush to pack on pigment) and a credit card (or something of that nature).

1. Prime your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer. I  also added MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre for a clean base, but you could use concealer.

2. Apply a beige or taupe eyeshadow to your entire lid and blend up into the crease and brow bone. I used Makeup Academy’s ‘Butter’ from their matte ‘Ever After’ palette.

3. Using a flat, smaller brush, apply a darker shadow to the outer corner of your eyelid. Apply into the crease of your eyelid, too. Don’t worry about being messy – the important thing is to get the pigment on there. I used Makeup Academy’s ‘Truffle’ from their matte ‘Ever After’ palette.

4. Get a credit card/a card from your wallet, and hold the card at an angle extending from the outer corner of your eye. You could also use a Post-It note (be careful not to get too close to your eye!).If you are using a card, you might want to clean it with an anti-bacterial wipe, since it may be covered in germs from being in your purse!

5. Whilst holding the card to your face, use your other hand to apply more eyeshadow and fill in any gaps.

6. Take the card away, and use a fluffy blending brush and a light eyeshadow colour to blend any harshness on the brow bone away. Make sure not to blend the sharp edge you have just created!

7. If you feel that you want the edge to be even sharper and cleaner, get a clean angled brush and use a small amount of concealer.

8. Add mascara and kohl pencil eyeliner to your waterline.

This look looks great with winged eyeliner too!