This airplane beauty kit will have you waving goodbye to dry, flaky skin the next time you travel

Few things wreak havoc on one’s skin like having to travel on a long flight, and with holiday travel coming up, we are looking for any remedies that might hydrate our skin.

It appears that we might be getting some help from our friends at BeautyRx with its new Airplane Skin Kit, featuring everything we need to keep our faces hydrated, healthy, and happy no matter how brutal our travel schedule might be.

This four-piece kit was formulated to brighten, hydrate, and rejuvenate the appearance of skin so that you land looking fresh and flawless, even if you’re not necessarily feeling that way. What is it about air travel that makes us feel bloated and deflated at the same time? It’s rough.

Luckily, this kit is here to make it just a bit easier for us all.

It prevents and combats the dulling, drying effects of cabin pressurization by moisturizing, exfoliating, and refreshing our skin. Dr. Schultz, the dermatologist who founded BeautyRx, tells us that any kind of traveling can be incredibly stressful to our skin. The culprit is usually the dry, recirculated cabin air, but crossing multiple time zones and having to reset your internal clock can also cause your skin and body stress.

These skin care essentials are a must to keep your skin gorgeous and glowing no matter where your jet-set life may lead you.

You can get the BeautyRx Airplane Skin Kit for $29.

It even comes with a handy card that explains just how to use it. The kit includes: Advanced 10% Exfoliation Pads, Nourishing Moisture Cream, Hydrating Facial Mist, and Anytime Pads. Your skin will be insanely grateful for these delightful little skin helpers.


Pick one of these up before you start your holiday travel and feel the relief wash over you. If any aspect of dealing with airports during the holidays can be made a little easier, we’ll take it in a heartbeat.

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