Beauty rules to break In 2016

My favorite trend on the horizon for 2016 is the attitude that you should do you.

No, seriously. I’m all about rainbow hair and bold brows and a matte lip. But the underlying theme to all of these exciting trends? Experiment. Try it out. And stick with whatever makes you feel fabulous. And that way of living is always in style.

Rock highlights in the winter

Somehow the idea that we should go darker with our hair color in the winter and lighter in the summer became a rule to follow. I can’t tell you how many women sit in my chair and say, “I know it’s winter, BUT I would love some highlights!“. And my response is always to go for it. I’ve always believed in swerving left when everyone else is going right… especially if the left means a gorgeous set of honey toned highlights.

Wear a bright lip in the morning

I have a favorite shade of purple lipstick that I wear the heck out of. I wore it once to a fashion show in the early morning because my hair was in a bun and messy and I had no other makeup on; I just wanted to feel more done. And when I showed up, another hairdresser told me that I was “brave” for wearing such a bright lip so early in the morning. I don’t know when it became brave to do something that makes you feel amazing and to wear it with confidence. I’ve since stocked up on my favorite hues (coral, red, purple) and I wear them at all times of the day. Bravely.

Let your roots show

The color pattern that our faves like Blake Lively and Lauren Conrad have long loved isn’t going anywhere for 2016. In fact, it’s only getting bigger and more popular with hairdressers all across the country studying up and attending more seminars to learn the techniques. I love it because it looks natural and sun-kissed and it gives everyone who tries a nice, subtle pop of color. But my favorite thing about it? How it laughs in the face of the idea that you should never show your roots and allows for a fashionable, laid-back effect.

Chop it all off, no matter your face shape

There are rules on rules on rules about what skin tone you should be to go blonde, what face shape you should have to rock a pixie and what texture your hair should be to try bangs. I know because I’ve even written some. But at the end of the day, doing “the chop” is one of the most empowering and liberating feelings a woman can feel. I know as a hairdresser that every woman can pull off a short do depending on how it’s texturized and shaped. But why I encourage all women to try going short at least once in life is because not hiding behind a blanket of long locks really makes you focus on your facial features and learn to love what you have. You can’t rely on a good blowout to make you feel confident and instead, you have to appreciate your dark eyes or your full lips or your ________ fill in the blank. And there’s nothing more important than starting from a place of loving yourself entirely to feel beautiful.

Dry shampoo is your best friend

You know that thing when you wash your hair every day? You really don’t have to! I’ve explained in previous posts the science behind why this is crucial for healthy hair and you can read that here. But once you’re well versed on why it just makes sense, pick up a bottle or seven or dry shampoo. Spray it at your roots and let it soak up extra oils in between washings, after yoga class, before a hot date, after a long plane ride, etc. Not only does it take your hair from greasy to gorgeous, but it gives extra volume and texture.

Blue eye shadow = yes

Okay, so you might not want to layer on frosted blues all across your eyelids like your in 7th grade again. But just as we’ve learned so much more about how to contour properly, we know how to blend our eye shadow like it’s a world renowned painting. And as long as the technique is there, I have seen every color under the sun look gorgeous. I have blue eyes and I even use a shade of a metallic blue as an accent in a smoky eye to bring out my natural eye color. Play, experiment and figure out your favorite shades and ways to wear them.

You don’t have to match your brows and your hair color

Everything in fashion and beauty right now is on the edgier, gutsy side. And with that, we’ve moved away from matchy-matchy styles to more unique looks. My favorite way to modernize a look is to see natural brow color against any shade of hair color. Changing your brow color can really drastically change the way you look and sometimes that can be fun temporarily. But I think it’s important to look like yourself while experimenting and one way to do that is to leave your signature brow color alone.

Wear a bold lip AND a smoky eye

I remember hearing my mother talk often when I was a kid about choosing between a red lip and a dramatic eye color because it just simply “wasn’t appropriate”. Sometimes I laugh remembering that now as I put on a burgundy lip and a brown smoky eye before heading out. What an outdated concept that the amount of makeup you have on your face speaks more about how you live your life more so than how you carry yourself or handle business or even how you greet someone. Throw that old rule right out the window and wear whatever amount of makeup makes you feel great!

Hair accessories are for everyday

I’m the queen of wearing hair accessories for any occasion. A bejeweled turban for drinks with the girls? Yep. A flower to pin my hair half back for a business meeting? Of course. And a gold and diamond hair chain just because it’s Monday? You know it. I wear these pieces because they are fun, because they make me feel more glamorous and let’s face it, also because I have to worry less about how my hair is styled when I can just bedazzle it. And every time I do, I have people compliment me on how “fun” my look is. They even call me princess at work now… and I am so totally okay with that!

Let those curls out

As a girl, I always wanted curls and was immensely jealous of my friends who were blessed with them. And as a hairdresser, I still love playing with my curly client’s hair and getting to love on them by showing them new ways to style or set their gorgeous strands. But you know what really sucks? When one of my clients with fabulous curls feels the need to get a blowout before every event. Or to just simply straighten their own hair at home. Now, because I’m all about you doing you, then if getting a blowout makes you feel fierce, I’m all about it. But what I can’t support is the idea that natural curls are too much for any event. And at the end of the day, those beautiful curls are YOURS and you shouldn’t tame or hide them to make anyone else feel more comfortable. When a client asks my opinion before a big event, I tell her to rock those curls and walk in that room like she’s Queen Bey. And I’d tell you the same!

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