This is the #1 beauty question people searched on Google, and for good reason

There are so many beauty-related questions we had this past year. How do you remove gel nail polish at home? How do I get those beachy waves? Did Kylie really dye her hair, though? Google is usually the place we go when we need these time-sensitive answers. There was one thing in particular we just couldn’t stop googling, though. All we wanted to know was how to create the perfect fishtail braid.

Braids are one of the most popular, universal hairstyles that are just as easily used to cover up day-old tresses as they are to complete a formal outfit. Fishtail braids are especially beautiful to the human eye. They’re whimsical and elegant. They make you feel fancy AF. We can even see celebrities rocking the fishtail braid on the red carpet, like that one time Gigi Hadid’s fishtail braid brought us to tears at the iHeartRadio MUCH Music Video Awards in June.


It’s no wonder we want to know how to nail the perfect fishtail braid. Lucky for all of us, it’s not a completely unreachable goal. In fact, it’s a pretty easy style to master. All it takes is watching a couple tutorials, followed by lots of practice.


There are also a lot of ways to play with a fishtail braid. You can sweep your hair to the side in a French fishtail, pull back a low fishtail pony, or make yourself fishtail pigtails. As long as you know the basic pattern of the braid, you can add your own personal style to it at any given time.


We doubt this trend will be going anywhere in 2017, so master the braid while you can, and you’ll fly through the next year in style.

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