This beauty product will turn your bath into a gothic cauldron

When it comes to bath bombs, it feels like we’ve seen it all. There have been galaxy-themed bath bombs, gummie bath bombs, and the unfortunate result when you use one the wrong way. Now, there’s one out there for all of us goths — a black bath bomb that turns water completely squid-ink black. (And no, this isn’t a parody where we throw Marilyn Manson into the tub.)

After Instagram user @toxicbitchcraft posted a video of a black bath bomb, the internet became divided between people who wanted the bath bomb right away and those who were creeped out, calling it “devil’s work” and some sort of “Harry Potter dark magic shit.” In fact, Twitter user Jack Mull reposted it, describing it as Voldemort level. “This looks like the kind of thing you put in someone’s water to convince them that the Loch Ness monster’s real,” another user commented. false

The gothic bath bombs, which are by Hex Bomb and made in Ireland, will be restocked later this week.


Hex Bomb, Bella Muerte, About $4.34 USD

For additional creepiness, they also sell blood-red bath bombs.

If you desperately need to get your hands on a bath bomb now, here are a few more ideas for when you’ve had a long day and want to relax in water as black as your soul. 

This one claims to be non-staining, but advises not use it in small soaks, like a foot tub, just in case.


Etsy, $5.99

These turn water more of a dark-green, and you can control the hue depending on how many of these mini bath bombs you use.


Etsy, $6

For the disco goth in you, this one comes with glitter!


Etsy, $6

Whatever one tickles your fancy, at least there’s always a bath bomb for any kind of mood you’re in, dark or otherwise!