This beauty guru chopped up her makeup to make a super smart DIY liquid lipstick

There’s nothing quite like do-it-yourself beauty to help us get super creative with our makeup collection. We learned how to make our own lipsticks like ages ago, but it never even occurred to us to attempt to make a DIY liquid lipstick. Luckily, this amazing Instagram beauty guru just showed us the light, and we’re seriously planning on giving this a shot.

Instagrammer Zohra, aka @zobeauty, introduced us to the world of DIY liquid lipstick, and we’re amazed! See for yourself!

How ridiculously cool is that?! The blogger was just as excited as we are, especially because she, like us, has quite a collection of lipsticks that go unused. She explained,

"How to turn your lipstick into a liquid lipstick! I'm so excited about this DIY, I have sooo many lipsticks that I don't use and now I can put them to use!"

So how did this beauty Instagrammer create a DIY liquid lipstick? She explained in the Instagram post,

" I mixed it with a liquid face primer from sephora. The syringe and empty tube I used was from eBay! 😊"

What a super cool trick! We’ll definitely be giving this a shot to see if we can come up with our own DIY liquid lipstick.