Get ready, here’s what is probably going to be most trendy in 2016

There’s just something about a new year that makes whatever’s currently hot in fashion and beauty seem instantly dated. After all, a year is a long time to commit to any one look, especially if you’re still developing your signature style. Now is the perfect time to press reset and check out some of the new (or recycled) trends that 2016 is going to bring us. Jane Buckingham, a leading expert on Generations X, Y, and V and founder of trend forecasting company Trendera, met with Good Morning America to talk about how style is going to evolve this year.

In 2015, there was a lot of experimental yet low-maintenance looks that kept their momentum, like bold brows and ombre hair. These are the ultimate lazy girl beauty looks, since they don’t have require a lot of upkeep, so I don’t think they’ll be going anywhere. However, Buckingham says we’re going to see more and more focus on lips instead of brows — bold colors, injections, lip tattoos, and overlining are here to stay, thanks to Kylie Jenner in no small way. She also says we’ll be seeing more glitter roots both in real life and on the runway.

We’re also still drawing heavy inspiration from ’90s trends. Buckingham predicts we’ll be saying goodbye to cutout silhouettes and platform shoes, but we’re bringing back flatforms and the ubiqutuous color combo of pale pink and baby blue.

Rihanna’s collaboration with Puma introduced new generations to the creeper, arguably the original flatform, which is a comfortable, stylish way to add height to your look without the pain of high heels.

Since Pantone named Rose Quartz (pale pink) and Serenity (baby blue) as Colors of the Year, you can definitely expect to see them everywhere. The soft, washed out shades will work for any skin tone as far as makeup goes; just be sure to balance them. Sephora has already released a collection inspired by the shades.

If you’re sick of the man bun, never fear: there’s a good chance it’s going to be replaced with the man braid. I have mixed feelings on this one — seeing a man with a braid that can outdo my skill level (which, when it comes to braids, is zero) might a little too jealousy-inducing for me. Jared Leto and David Beckham have already been spotted sporting the style.

Out of all Buckingham’s predictions, this one’s my favorite: the palm bracelet. She says midi rings — the small rings placed near the tips of our fingers rather than down at the base of our fingers — will see a drop in popularity as we make way for the palm bracelet. It’s similar to a wrist or arm cuff, but the jewelry is placed over the palm or back of your hand. It’s completely impractical for every day life, like typing or driving, but it’s great for a night out. It’s a fun new way to adorn yourself in jewelry.

You can read more of Buckingham’s predictions for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends in 2016 here.

Images via Instagram