This beauty company will plant one million trees by the end of 2017, each one named after a customer

Looking for a way to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd and improve your gorgeous skin? True Moringa, a Massachusetts-based beauty company, will plant one million “miracle” moringa trees in 2017 — beginning on Earth Day —for every purchase made through its website. We’re pretty sure this is the definition of a win-win situation.

True Moringa manufactures soaps, toners, hair oils, lip colors, and an array of other beauty products from moringa oil, cold-pressed from the seeds and leaves of moringa trees grown in Ghana. The company works with farmers in Ghana to cultivate the plants — providing organic seeds, fertilizer, and training, if necessary — then purchases the seeds and leaves from the farmers, putting money into the hands of families and communities.

As part of the One Million Moringa Trees campaign, True Moringa will plant a tree for every product purchased on its website and name it after the purchasing customer. By the end of 2017, says the company, it will have planted the largest certified organic moringa farm in all of Africa.

According to the company’s website, moringa leaves contain “more vitamin A than carrots, more protein than eggs, more calcium than milk, and more iron than spinach,” gram for gram. That’s why, says True Moringa, the trees “have the potential to end malnutrition and provide a stable food source to farmers.” They’re also drought-resistant, and help other crops to grow better when planted together.

True Moringa, founded by Kwami Williams and Emily Cunningham, who first traveled to Ghana with MIT’s D-Lab in 2011, works with 2,500 small farming communities in Ghana and has planted more than 300,000 moringa trees to date. With its One Million Moringa Trees campaign, True Moringa hopes to “help to improve soil quality, prevent the spread of brushfires, and empower thousands of small farming families with food security and a sustainable income.”

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