Here are all of the best beauty products that launched this week

Overwhelmed by all the new beauty products that are out? Never fear, fellow makeup maven. HelloGiggles’ Beauty Editor, Marie Lodi, and Associate Beauty Editor, Alyssa Morin, will be rounding up all of the best launches from the week in one place — in our Beauty Bulletin! Check back at the end of each week to find out which releases we need to get our perfectly painted claws on.

1Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash, $18

Only Glossier could make a body wash look cool and chic — and the good-for-your-skin ingredients is the cherry on top. I’m already clearing my bathtub to make room for this new skin care product. As with most Glossier products, this item packs a serious punch — it’s an oil-based body wash that turns into a soft froth once the water hits, melting all the grime away without stripping your precious skin. You can snag the duo (the body wash and body perfecting cream) for $35. — Alyssa

2Estée Lauder x Victoria Beckham Highlighter, $75

This ultra-glam highlighter is just what my face needs — who doesn’t want a gorgeous shimmering highlight? This shade is guaranteed to make your cheeks pop. It’s Victoria Beckham-approved y’all, and she doesn’t play around. Her skin is always beaming. The luxe packaging doesn’t hurt either, the gold detailing makes it feel, well, posh (see what I did there?). Even though I own like 100 bronzy highlighters, I don’t own anything quite as stunning as this Estée Lauder one (adds to cart). — Alyssa

3Lush Oaty Creamy Dreamy Shower Cream, $12.95


I always admire Lush for closely paying attention to its customers wants and needs, and its latest launch is a true gift to dedicated Lushies. The brand just dropped Oaty Creamy Dreamy Shower Cream (say that five times fast), inspired by the fan-favorite Dream Cream body lotion. It has lavender, rose, chamomile blue, and tea tree scents, plus moisturizing cocoa butter and olive oil. I know this is going to be my go-to once LA gets out of this heat wave and my skin starts getting dry. These gams gotta be smooth and silky, people!  — Marie

4Lorac Mega Pro Palette 4, $59

It always feels like Christmas when LORAC releases a new Mega Pro palette. First of all, the latest addition comes in my favorite shade of bubblegum pink which is undoubtedly cute AF. Then you’ll look at the 32 shades and there’s everything from the most glorious glittery lilac, Fairytale, to the impeccable fall brown, Spice. This not only a highly versatile palette that will allow you to create almost any look you’ll want for the fall and winter seasons, but the shadows are super lush and pigmented. Get this palette quickly before it sells out!  — Marie

5Morphe x Ourfa Vinyl Lip Contouring Set, $15

Inspired by the makeup artist Ourfa’s favorite movie Empire Records (hence the vinyl theme in the packaging) this lipstick and liner duo will have you feeling like a rockstar. The cool thing about this set is that, unlike most lip kits, this one is made to contour your lips. The liner is actually a bit deeper than the liquid lipstick, which will help you achieve fuller-looking lips. What I’m trying to say is that I’m ready to “plump up” the volume! — Alyssa

6eXo Perfection Body Lotion, $78

This has truly been a week of body lotions, hasn’t it? I welcome all of it though — like I said, this bod is going to need the best products soon (WINTER IS COMING). If you’re familiar with eXo Face Perfection Moisturizer, you know it’s a total game-changer due to its innovative technology: Natural ingredients are combined with more than 150 million exosomes that help regenerate tissue and hydrate skin at the cellular level. In less scientific terms, this is muy serio hydration. The brand just came out with a new body lotion which has THREE HUNDRED MILLION exosomes. I’ll clearly be covering my body with this ish from #head2toe.  — Marie

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