Beauty blogger Kathleen Lights is probably coming out with a new nail polish line and we’re SO excited

A gorgeous rumor has started to spread among the whispering circles of the internet that the beauty blogger Kathleen Lights might be launching a line of nail polishes and we very much want to believe it’s true. For those of us who loved the shimmery goodness of the Morphe x Kathleen Lights collaboration, the idea of a nail line from Kathleen herself inspires us to imagine all the color possibilities she will include in the nail collection and will it into existence.  The lovely rumors of nail art started after Kathleen posted a photo of her favorite fall shades of red nail polish on Instagram with the hashtag #StayTuned, which got us thinking stay tuned for what? Tell us!

Peep this vague-posting for yourself.

Fans expressed their hope and excitement on her Insta, and even started a Reddit thread theorizing about a future nail collection. Her followers on Reddit also suggested that she might be collaborating with another major beauty brand.

Exactly HOW long are we supposed to stay tuned before she gives us some answers?! She’s posted on Instagram twice since her Tuesday nail post, both times posting irrelevant (but cute) selfies with no mention of the nail polish.

How long will we suffer in suspense?! We need answers stat.

If her nail line looks half as good as her cosmetics, we’ll be in heaven.

We will most certainly stay tuned and keep you updated on any developments!

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