This beauty blogger documented her entire brain surgery on YouTube

Finding out that you have cancer is terrifying, we can’t even imagine going through the diagnosis and the treatment in a public manner. Courtney Elizabeth Warner, a beauty blogger and teacher, was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer in May, and she bravely documented her entire surgery for her YouTube followers.

Courtney said she suspected there was something wrong when she was unable to properly articulate herself. She could see an item and knew what it was called, but couldn’t get the word out. Then one day she got an intense headache and decided that it was time to take herself to the doctor.

The doctors performed a brain scan which revealed a mass in Courtney’s brain. Originally they thought the tumor wasn’t cancerous but upon further examination, it was revealed that it was. With each new revelation, she kept her loyal followers updated.

Two weeks ago Courtney shared the video of her surgery.

"I wanted to show you guys how it was for me, all the way from the beginning all the way to the end," she reveals in the vlog.

The video was filmed with a GoPro attached to Courtney’s hospital bed. Because the tumor was on the part of her brain that affects her speech, she had to be awake for the surgery so she could communicate with the doctors as they probed. At one point during the surgery, the doctors hit a part of her brain that triggered a seizure, which you can see in the video. The doctors were able to get 95 percent of the tumor, and she has since had chemotherapy and radiation. In her post surgery videos, Courtney Elizabeth Warner is in good spirits, despite losing her hair to radiation therapy.

We’re wishing her nothing but luck in her recovery!