You can now have a “Beauty and the Beast” themed afternoon tea, and where do we sign up!?

If there’s one thing we love more than afternoon tea, it’s a Beauty and the Beast themed afternoon tea!

Given that we’re just little over a month away from the live-action Beauty and the Beast remake, it’s safe to say that we’re pretty darn excited about the whole thing. We’re already obsessed with everything that’s gonna come out, like this L’Oréal makeup kit and this cute AF Build-A-Bear range.

However, obviously, we are most excited about seeing the film in all it’s glory. We can’t wait to see Emma Watson take on Belle and Dan Stevens tackle the Beast. We imagine it’s going to be pure movie magic.

Yet, we’ve just learned about a Beauty and the Beast themed afternoon tea and WHERE DO WE SIGN UP!?

While Belle and the Beast might not be in attendance, the afternoon tea, which is being held at the Town House at the Kensington Hotel in London, England, and has been called Tale as Old as Time, is said to be a “magically whimsical afternoon tea” that includes some rather lovely sounding sandwiches and cakes.

On the menu are delicacies like bite sized venison pie and cheese soufflé, egg mayonnaise and cress and potted smoked salmon sandwiches, and a vanilla and gold jelly! Yum!


The afternoon tea is priced at £35 ($44) and £45 ($56) if you opt to have a glass of champaign. Unfortunately, however, it appears that it’s only in London. So, unless you’re based in the UK/fancy a trip over the pond, you might have to just make do with this Beauty and the Beast tea set and host your own fabulous afternoon tea (it’d be cheaper…probably). You could also perform an impromptu version of “Be Our Guest” at home, too, something that we think might be frowned upon at a posh hotel in London.

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters on March 17th.

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