Start selling off your gold candlesticks, here’s how much it would cost to live in Beast’s castle

For those of you (read: those of us, we’re all in this together) who’ve said you’d do anything to be a Disney princess, well, turns out, the cost of living in the Beast’s castle from Beauty and the Beast is…not inconsiderable.Considering the cost of living in the average US city is, like, hilariously high, it honestly only seems right that the cost to live in the Beast’s sixty room fairy tale estate is comical. We’d rather mortgage our entire lives to live in a castle than sell plasma to live in a virtual closet in a major city, anyway.

Apparently, Beast’s 90-acre property would cost around $15,881,205, according to Coinage, Time Inc.’s new personal finance video company. So, yeah. A cool sixteen mill. NBD.

And the price of the house isn’t even TOUCHING on the cost of keeping it updated with all of the cookware and furniture. We’re not even going to talk about how much it costs to hire a witch to endow it with sentience, because whew.

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But replacing Mrs. Potts and Chip would run you just under five grand. Some quality candelabras (should Lumiere wear out) run around seven thousand, and an 18th-century pendulum clock like Cogsworth is, like, over $11,000. Then there’s the wardrobe. The grand total you’d need to keep your furniture/friends up to date? Something to the tune of $27,548.66.

Which, like. A few years of that could pay off our student loans and a single year of that could by us peasants a house. So unless this fairytale castle also comes with a handsome vault full of gold coins to finance the lifestyle to which we’d like to become accustomed…we’re going to have to tap out of this Disney fantasy.

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