We just got a first look at what may be Belle’s “Beauty and the Beast” celebration dress

As the release date for Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast grows closer, we get more and more excited! Just this week alone, a TV spot for the film was released, as was a preview of Emma Watson as Belle singing “Something There.” But now we have a first look at what Belle/Emma Watson’s celebration dress might look like. While the dress hasn’t appeared on any posters or in any trailer, it appears that a still of Belle in a celebration dress is part of the packaging for Beauty and the Beast merchandise.

Fans took to social media to post images of the packaging:


Now, fans of the animated classic film will remember that when Belle marries the Beast (aka Prince Adam), she wears her famous yellow gown — but it seems that the wardrobe department for the upcoming live-action film may have taken some creative liberties and we DEFINITELY approve. Seriously though, we’re getting chills just looking at the dress.

While the wedding gown is a new edition to Belle’s wardrobe, the live-action film recreates some of Belle’s most famous looks, including the yellow dress and her blue apron.


While the film is a live action take on our beloved childhood animated film, it’s important to remember that this film is not looking to be an exact live-action replica of the animated classic. We have total faith in the cast and crew that they’re going to properly pay homage to the film, taking important creative liberties to keep the film exciting and magical.

We’re practically counting down the days until March 17th!

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