Hello “Beauty and the Beast,” where are Marie and her baguettes? Asking for a friend

Disney’s live-action retelling of their OG animated movie (and Oscar nominated) Beauty and the Beast hits theaters in one short month. If you are a child of the 90’s, it is safe to assume that you are excited about this — whether overly excited or cautiously excited is up to you. Beauty and the Beast MEANS something to twentysomethings. Beauty and the Beast is part of our childhood DNA, and the story and songs are etched into your memory forever and ever. Beauty and the Beast is not to be taken lightly.

And this is why it is very upsetting that the classic Beauty and the Beast character “Marie” and “her baguettes” appears to have been cut from the movie and this is so not okay, Disney.

Monday afternoon, Disney dropped a brand new clip from the movie — a 58 second clip of the opening number, “Belle.” You know the song:

?”Bonjour!” “Bonjour!” Bonjour!” “Bonjour!” “Bonjour!” ?


It’s very nice to see Emma Watson step into this iconic princess role and stuff. Thanks Disney! But also, this is the first indication that this Beauty and the Beast will be different from the one we’re used to because MARIE AND HER BAGUETTES ARE GONE.

Here is your Marie and her baguettes refresher, a moment that SHOULD happen roughly 20 seconds into the song:


The video from the new movie has omitted the line about Marie and her baguettes, and instead replaced it with a conversation with Monsieur Jon about something he’s lost. Belle then tells Monsieur Jon she’s going off to see Père Robert (WOW LEANING REAL HARD INTO THESE FRENCH WORDS HERE) to return a book about two lovers in fair Verona, which may or may not be Romeo and Juliet ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

Everything else about the song is the same. But oh wow, does it feel like your whole world is spinning right now? What 90’s child has NOT yelled “MARIE! THE BAGUETTES! HURRY UP!” at one point in time? And now it’s just…gone?


The clip Disney released is only 58 seconds, so maybe Marie and her baguettes show up later on in the song, and the equilibrium of Beauty and the Beast is returned to normal. But honestly we’re a hot second away from starting a #JusiceForMarieandherBaguettes social media campaign, because this is just not cool.

What’s next, the sheep who eats a page of Belle’s book will be gone, TOO?


We’ll find out what else from our Beauty and the Beast-centric childhood has changed on March 17th.