Here’s one big difference you might not have noticed between the OG “Beauty and the Beast” and the new one

There’s a brand new Beauty and the Beast trailer out today, and the world is a magical place. While we’ve seen lots of teasers over the past few months for the movie — including a shot-for-shot trailer! — this is the first one that gives us a true glimpse at Belle, and The Beast, and their magical world. But, through all the singing and dancing anthropomorphic objects, there’s one thing in the Beauty and the Beast trailer you might have missed.

This new live-action adaptation is very much supposed to be a faithful retelling of the 1991 classic, and it appears to be doing a very good job. And sure, the characters now look a little bit different, blame that on live-action movie making magic. While mostly everything lines up perfectly with the original, there’s one glaring thing that is NOT from the OG movie.

And tbh, we kinda want to know where it is, because how dare you take away Belle’s green dress.


As you know in the original movie, in an effort to befriend Belle, the Beast takes her into his sprawling library. Belle loves to read, and she just immediately falls in love with all the books around her and can barely contain herself. She’s also wearing a pretty amazing green dress, and just like, everyone KNOWS this is Belle’s green library dress.

However, it is completely MIA during the new trailer.

There’s a very quick show of IRL Disney Princess, Emma Watson (who plays Belle) walking into what is undoubtedly the Beast’s library, and she stares around at it in awe. But, her dress is white with a floral pattern. NOT green.


Many of Belle’s other iconic looks are in the trailer, so we’ll still be seeing lots of her OG outfits.


But this green one is gone. AND THAT IS A SHAME!! Maybe it’s somewhere else in the movie, and we’ll still get to see Belle in all her green glory. We’ll find out on March 17th, 2017.