This seriously twisted “Beauty and the Beast” theory explains Belle’s ~little town~

Beauty and the Beast is FINALLY and theaters and is breaking box office records left and right. Now that practically everybody in the world has seen the film, some major fan theories have been spreading. Fans have taken to Reddit to drop some ~serious~ theories to explain character motives and minor details.

The latest theory to blow our minds is about the town of Villanueve, where Belle, Gaston, and LeFou live and why the townspeople are the way they are. Reddit user Hainted’s theory suggests that the town itself was also caught in the Enchantress’s curse and they have some serious examples to back up the idea.

According to Hainted, the village of Villanueve is in a time loop where nobody ages (!!!) and everyone does the same things over and over again. One example of Hainted’s proof is that while it’s pretty common knowledge that the Beast’s servants didn’t age, it seems that the people in the village also didn’t age.

“When the curse is broken, none of the servants are younger than the people they left behind in the village," Hainted writes.  "If the village experienced the normal passage of time they would have been much older than the servants (Mr.Potts for example). The servants didn't revert to their actual ages either since Chip was still a child after the curse was broken.

Hainted also comments on how Belle subtly hints about this strict routine the townspeople follow early in the film as she remarks about knowing when everyone wakes up in the morning and even comments about the baker making the exact same treats every day.

Hainted believes the time loop is why the townspeople think Belle and Maurice are weird.

“Belle and her father are considered odd," Hainted continues. "Because they change and age! They moved to the village after the curse took affect. The Enchantress' magic keep people from remembering too far back so they don't know why they think Belle is odd, so they make up a reason.

This is definitely something we hadn’t thought of before. We definitely need to rewatch the film with this theory in mind and we’re sure our minds will be totally blown.

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