You will be the belle of any marathon in these “Beauty and the Beast” shoes

Sometimes you just come across something you don’t necessarily need, but desperately want. Like, these Beauty and the Beast inspired shoes from New Balance. You might already own multiple pairs of running shoes, and even more regular shoes, but is one more enchanting pair really going to hurt you? Probably not. So just go ahead and snag these three new pairs being released for Disney’s latest live-action movie.

In partnership with Disney, New Balance (who sponsors a lot of runDisney events, so they know their way around a Disney marathon) has dropped a collection of shoes Belle would love to wear running around the castle. The three different shoes — one a trainer, one for running, and one casual shoe — are très magnifique and a perfect wear to sport some heavy Beauty and the Beast love whether on or off the track or treadmill.

The trainer is modeled after Belle’s iconic yellow-gold ballgown, with “metallic gold highlights, a lace mesh upper and embossed details” and absolutely “perfect for your strength/cardio combo workouts.”


Then there’s the running shoe, which is sure to put you into Beast mode, literally — because it’s modeled after the Beast. But, this fresh foam sneaker will have you “[blazing] your own trail, just like Belle.”


The last shoe is more for your casual every day wear, as it’s a slip-on. It’s also got a heavy Belle vibe, being the blue of her dress, of course. Embroidered on the side is a rose, because you can never have enough roses in your life.


You can buy the shoes right off of New Balance’s website, or wherever New Balance shoes are sold. Happy running!