Oh là là, Emma Watson just teased a sequel to “Beauty and the Beast”

The 2017 live-action version of Beauty and the Beast dominated at the box office, and also our minds, bodies, and souls this past year. The movie managed to take a “tale as old as time” and make the story seem fresh for newcomers and dedicated fans alike. So after so much success, it’s only natural for studios to start thinking about a sequel to Beauty and the Beast…right?

Well, Belle herself, Emma Watson is thinking about it. At the 2018 Golden Globe Awards, Watson expressed interest in revisiting the story. While talking during E!’s live red carpet coverage, the actress mentioned that she was “intrigued to see where the story line goes after the Beast transforms.” So is this a real thing? Well, Watson didn’t really give much away, mentioning that “anything could happen” in reference to a follow-up to the film.

While it doesn’t sound like any sort of official confirmation that Beauty and the Beast 2 is happening, it’s good to know that Watson is game to return to the role. After all, finding out what happens in fairy tales after happily ever after is always fun. And though the 2017 film did make the Beauty and the Beast characters more realistic than their cartoon and fairy tale counterparts, following up with the characters after the events of the first film can only make them more interesting and dynamic.

When done right, sequels following up on storybook endings can be awesome. And since the team behind Beauty and the Beast was able to take a beloved cartoon and make it into a believable live action film, we’re willing to bet they could make a pretty awesome sequel — Disney doesn’t show any signs of slowing down when it comes to live-action adaptations, sequels included. We’ll just have to see if anything comes of Watson’s statements, or if we’ll just have to settle for infinite re-watches of the 2017 film.

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