OMG the original voices of “Beauty And The Beast” did a Reddit AMA, and it’s everything

There’s something so powerful about the Reddit AMA — perhaps it’s the fact that we finally feel connected to people we adore, and have the opportunity to tell them what their work has meant to us. For those who aren’t super Reddit-savvy, AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything,” and while anyone can partake and make their own, they’re best known for celebrities to answer a few spontaneous fan questions.

Just yesterday, the AMA we didn’t know we needed went live — Paige O’Hara and Richard White, best known for being the voices of Belle and Gaston in Disney’s animated classic Beauty and the Beast, talked to fans about their work on the early ’90s production. That’s right — fans got to chat with book-loving Belle, and raw-egg-eating Gaston.

Unfortunately the Beast — er, Robby Benson — was a little under the weather, which was a bummer.


While he didn’t get to participate, hey — two out of three ain’t bad.

Here are some of the best things we learned.

  • After a fan asked if they still remember their lines (because, I mean, we do) O’Hara laughed and said, “They come and go at my age.”  (For the record, O’Hara is currently 60.)
  • White was asked if he ever met Disney World’s Gaston, and he said, “How could Gaston meet Gaston? I have seen some on YouTube and am very pleased by how faithfully they represent me.”


We finally learned how long this film actually took to make.

"We can record the movie entirely in one day," O'Hara said. (Impressive.) "However, it was constantly changing and the animators would draw from us for a few months and then we'd return," she continued. "Sometimes there were new lines. The whole film took four years to make and the voice actors worked on it for two and half years."

  • When asked her favorite line from the movie that her character didn’t say, O’Hara noted that it was “Flowers, chocolates, promises you don’t intend to keep,” also making it clear that she thought actor David Ogden Stiers was definitely the funniest.


  • O’Hara is also super excited about the live action Beauty and the Beast film, saying that “I think Emma is the perfect choice for Belle.” Such a compliment!

There’s a theory that Belle never loved the Beast, and instead suffered from a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome. O’Hara thinks this is pretty ridiculous, and noted that she knows the exact moment where Belle fell for the Beast.

"In the scene in the snow, when the little bird jumps on Beast's paw, he grins and Belle runs behind the tree realizing she's falling in love," she said. Romantic!

  • Since Belle was an avid reader, O’Hara asked what books she’d have in her library. “She loved adventure novels, especially ones she could escape into and imagine herself as a part of them. Belle’s favorite play is Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet,” O’Hara said. For the record, O’Hara mentioned that her personal favorite book was To Kill A Mockingbird.


  • When White was asked how he actually preferred his eggs — and how many he could stomach — he responded with, “2 egg whites on dry toast.”
  • White also thinks Gaston is alive and well. “Who said he died??!” he said. “Did you ever see a body? I feel certain that he simply bumped his head and will be resurfacing in a spinoff at a theatre near you sometime soon.”

While O’Hara lucked out and got to voice such a monumental character, there is another Disney queen she’d have loved to work with.

"It was before my time, but I would love to have voiced Bambi's mother," she admitted.

And finally, O’Hara had some kind words to say about Disney in general.

“It sounds corny, but the Disney organization has truly treated me as part of the family. They’re incredibly loyal and I greatly admire their perfectionism,” she said.


While O’Hara and White definitely got us a bit more psyched for the live-action version, we might have to break out our old Beauty and the Beast VHS tapes (in those big bubble cases, of course) and pretend we’re back in 1991.

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