This adorable “Beauty and the Beast” proposal has us believing in happily ever after

We ~love~ hearing about love, especially if it’s a happy ending. You know, like the one Cinderella got. That happens IRL too, right?

We just heard about ~the cutest~ marriage proposal that’s something right out of a movie — only, it’s actually right on a theater stage.

Yep, in Florida during a Beauty and the Beast stage production rehearsal, the actress playing Belle got engaged, according to Cosmopolitan. When it was time for Belle to turn and see her prince, her boyfriend was standing in his place.


He even sings and dances with her — apparently, he’d been rehearsing with the help of the directors, according to the YouTube video.

Okay, where can we find a boyfriend like this?!

At one point, you can see that “Belle” seems hesitant, but she just keeps going along with it.


Right before the proposal, her boyfriend says:

“There’s nothing more that I would love than spend the rest of my life waking up to you every day.


The proposal continues and “Belle” says yes. The audience applauds, and we all can believe in romance and true love once again.

You can check out the proposal here. Warning: It’ll give you all the feels, so you may want some Kleenex handy.

And to anyone who’s going to propose soon, no pressure, right? ?