Here’s why we *still* haven’t seen this long-lost “Beauty and the Beast” song in the movie

Did you know that there’s a long-lost song from Beauty and the Beast? Yes, this is true. Once upon a time, back in the early ’90s, a song was written for the movie…but never actually made it into the movie. That song is “Human Again.”

Story goes that “Human Again” was just too long and didn’t really ~flow~ with the rest of the story, so it was cut and replaced with the now-classic tune, “Something There.” There rest is Beauty and the Beast history.

Then Beauty and the Beast got the live-action treatment, and surely a few bars from “Human Again” were bound to make their way into the now two-hour movie, right? RIGHT?

Nope. In a serious case of adding insult to injury, “Human Again” was once again left out, and once again replaced by an entirely different song — this time, “Days in the Sun.” So, come on…when is “Human Again” going to get some time in the sun??

Needing answers to this pressing Beauty and the Beast question, HelloGiggles turned to Alan Menken, the composer for both the original animated movie and the live-action version. We asked him to spill the “Human Again” secrets, please.

"Frankly, we would have [loved to include it], I think [director] Bill [Condon] would have loved to have it in the movie," Menken explained to HelloGiggles. "It's just, it's such an expense. One of the problems with these big production numbers is they are just expensive. I know it seems like, why let a little thing like money get in the way of art? But, I think that was part of it. And also, the truth is even in the animated 'Something There' was really written to replace 'Human Again.' Even though they're not exactly the same moment."

Even though it’s still not in a movie, parts of the song are in the Broadway show, and can also be found in the re-release of the movie. So “Human Again” does live on, just not in theaters. And Menken still has a soft spot for it.

"I have a lot of great memories of working with [original lyricist] Howard [Ashman] on that song and us demoing it together. It was a lot of work, and it was so satisfying. I mean, we all in our careers have so many, you know, unfulfilled dreams that you just go, 'OK,' you shrug and move on. The last thing you want to do is hang onto those. But if it ever happens, it'll make me very happy — and I guess you too."

Personal note: I love the song “Human Again,” and I guess my life’s mission is to get it in a Beauty and the Beast movie. So maybe in the animated remake of the live-action movie, we’ll finally get our “Human Again” moment…? Maybe.

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