Kohl’s just released a “Beauty and the Beast” collection and BRB buying everything

If you’re going to spend your day dreaming of far off places and princes in disguise, you’re going to need to look the part. Thankfully, that’s where Kohl’s comes in, because they’ve just dropped a brand new collection of Beauty and the Beast inspired clothing, and it’s exactly what you need to wear cozying up in the West Wing reading all day, or fighting the patriarchy of your small town.

Over the last few years, Kohl’s has released a few different lines in conjunction with some of our favorite Disney THINGS, from the release of Cinderella to Minnie Mouse. Of course there’s now one for Beauty and the Beast. Considering how excited we are to see this brand new live-action retelling of one of our OG faves, we’re going to need everything from this new collection in our cart, stat.

For starters, yes there’s a golden-yellow dress, because OBVIOUSLY. There isn’t just one ballgown inspired dress either, but two.


If you’re more partial to Belle at the beginning of the movie, Kohl’s has that look with this Chambray Crochet Dress.


If you want to lean into all the rose motifs of the movie hard, there are dresses for that as well. You can’t very well have Beauty and the Beast collection without an overflow of flower patterns.


And, if you’d much rather wear your Beauty and the Beast love via a t-shirt, don’t worry, you’re covered.


Magically, everything is priced under $40, and you can shop the whole collection HERE. There are enough mix and match pieces for you to wear to your multiple viewings of this soon-to-be-classic movie.

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