Today in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ news: Josh Gad (aka Olaf) joins the cast!

Just last week we learned that Dan Stevens will be starring opposite Emma Watson in the live-action update for Beauty and the Beast, and today The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop on another soon-to-be cast member on the film. Josh Gad, who voiced Olaf in Frozen and stars as recurring character Bearclaw on ‘New Girl’, is wrapping up talks to join the project!

Gad will be coming on as Le Fou, the bumbling sidekick to Gaston, played by Luke Evans. Seriously — talk about perfect casting! Gad is the first American to sign on to the otherwise all British cast, and the choice is spectacular. As Gad proved as Olaf, he’s got a signature knack for blending awkwardness, obliviousness, and general sweetness to a Disney role. He will be the perfect foil to Gaston’s over-the-top machismo.

Gad is also reprising his role as Olaf in the upcoming Frozen 2, making Beauty and the Beast his third film with Disney.

As THR points out, it looks like Disney is keeping Beauty and the Beast as true to the beloved cartoon as possible. Le Fou was not in the original fairy tale on which the 1991 movie was based, and the inclusion of a Disney-created character makes sense. They did, after all, turn the story into an iconic film.

The choice of Gad to fill the role, along with the pitch-perfect casting of other key characters, is making us totally confident in their ability to pull off an amazing reboot!

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