The honest trailer for “Beauty and the Beast” reminds us that Beast is just as bad as Gaston

The live-action version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast hits theaters soon so it makes sense to look back fondly on the original animated version from 1991. And in their new video, Honest Trailers reminds us just how crazy the story actually is!

First, let’s notice just how similar Gaston and the Beast are. As the video says, neither are the best dudes in the world. They’re both mean, hairy, and lock up Belle’s father.


And then there’s the Beast…who also is mean, hairy, and locks up Belle’s father. I guess you could say she has a type!


Okay, but that’s not all. The video brings up other interesting points like the fact that the French town speaks English with an American accent, and why no one seems to notice that the Prince has been missing for 10 years.

Oh, and there’s the fact that all of the dishes and furniture in the castle are pretty much slaves trapped there for years. Somehow they’re still excited to sing and dance even though they’re pretty much stuck. But we manage to forget all of this when they start singing. So Honest Trailers made a parody of that too!


You can watch the full video here and maybe start remembering Beauty and the Beast in a slightly different way than you remember as a child:

Don’t forget to check out the new Beauty and the Beast when it hits theaters March 17th to see what changes they might’ve made to the issues with the original. Still, can’t wait to hear that beautiful music!