The “Beauty and the Beast” Honest Trailer pokes fun at how a film about inner beauty features really beautiful people

Leave it to Screen Junkies to say what many, surely, are thinking — this time with their Honest Trailer for Beauty and the Beast.

From poking fun at the type of guy that suits Belle’s fancy to calling out how minimal its controversial moment is to joking about all the beautiful actors in a film about inner beauty, it delivers again and again.

The trailer points out some of the similarities and differences between this film and its predecessor, the 1991 animated flick. And there’s an Honest Trailer for that too.

They also point out just how creepy talking inanimate objects would be IRL, which is just so true.

Plus, they call out how the story takes place in France, but everybody has a British accent. Oh, and they weren’t big fans of Beast’s solo number, calling it a good time for a bathroom break.

As usual, this Honest Trailer is too much fun. And though we don’t agree with all the jabs they take, this is certainly entertaining to watch.

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