Gaston has biceps to spare in the latest “Beauty and the Beast” clip

Okay, yes, sure, we’re supposed to cheer on Belle and the Beast and their love story. That’s the fairytale. But shoutout to all those out there who actually root for Gaston during Beauty and the Beast. Come on, the man has biceps to spare! Don’t try and deny that if Gaston asked you out for eggs, you’d decline the invitation.  

And Gaston can eat a lot of eggs. He eats like, five dozen a day just for breakfast. That sure is impressive, ladies.

Ahead of the movie’s March release, Disney is once again treating us to a little snipped from the movie. Last week we watched Belle belt it out during “Belle.” Now, we’ve got “Gaston.” It’s time to face the music, Josh Gad was not born to play Olaf. He was born to play LeFou.

This latest video gives us a better look at Gad’s LeFou as he dances and sings across the tables in the tavern in town. This clip also gives us a taste of Luke Evan’s beautiful baritone for the first time. We haven’t heard Dan Stevens sing as The Beast yet, so by default, Gaston kinda wins the male Beauty and the Beast sing-off…just sayin’.

Though know we shouldn’t root for him, we can’t help but keep a small soft spot for this guy. And my, what a guy, that Gaston.