‘Beauty and the Beast’ casts Ewan McGregor as Lumiere

The final piece in the glorious puzzle that is the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast is finally in place. Casting announcements for the highly-anticipated remake have been trickling in for weeks. When we found out that Emma Watson would be playing Belle, our hearts almost-literally leapt with joy. Our feet actually literally leapt with joy. Then came announcements that Dan Stevens would play the Beast/Prince Adam and Luke Evans would tower as the imposing and super self-centered villain Gaston. Josh Gad (who made us laugh a million laughs as the voice of Olaf in Frozen) will play Gaston’s hilariously hapless sidekick, Le Fou. And the great Ian McKellan signed on to bring even more sophistication to the stuffy clock Cogsworth.

To be clear, this cast is the definition of “all-star.” We’ve been gobbling up every single bit of casting news, but there’s been one very important character left uncast…until today. Disney just announced that the uber-talented Ewan McGregor (of Moulin Rouge! fame) will play smooth-talking candlestick Lumiere in the movie. Lumiere is, of course, a truly pivotal supporting player in the Beauty and the Beast game. Not only does he sing the show-stopping “Be Our Guest” musical number, he’s also the castle’s resident love guru and works hard to orchestrate the romance that brings Belle and the Beast together and ultimately breaks the spell that turned them all into household objects in the first place.

We never saw Ewan coming as a possibility for Lumiere, but now that the announcement has  been made, we’re completely obsessed. How was he not part of everyone’s dream casting from the beginning? It didn’t seem possible, but we’re somehow even more excited for Beauty and the Beast than ever before. Preparing for #LongestWaitEver.

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