We need to hit the beach immediately in these “Beauty and the Beast” bathing suits

We’re merely a few weeks away from the release of Beauty and the Beast and we’re so excited we can barely contain it. We’ve already purchased our new favorite Beauty and the Beast bedspread, and every single item of Kohl’s new collection, and also these Build-A-Bears. And now, with spring break quickly approaching, we’re ready to show our love for the Disney classic on the beach.

One of everyone’s favorite mall stores, Hot Topic, is coming through, once again in bringing us some of favorite merch. Hot Topic has not only one, but TWO Beauty and the Beast bathing suits and we need them in our closets for all sunny destinations. And also just to have for our everyday lives. 

The two-piece classic suits each pay perfect homage to Beauty and the Beast using iconic elements from the film.

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First, the Disney Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Swim Top and Bottoms tell the story of the Disney classic using the iconic stained glass depicted in the film.


The retro-styled two-piece is a perfect combo of elegant and and nostalgic for the Disney lover in all of us. Each piece is sold separately but are totally worth the $29.90 for each the top and bottoms.

The second suit is the most amazing suit you’re looking to channel your own Belle. The Disney Beauty and the Beast Belle Swimsuit is the perfect bathing suit for those looking to get a little fancy this spring.


As with the stained glass suit, the top and bottom are sold separately but definitely give off the ball gown vibe, from a bathing suit. It’s probably one of the most stunning things we’ve ever seen. The top and bottom are each being sold for $39.90.

While we don’t think the bathing suits are best to don while showing support for the newest Beauty and the Beast film, we can’t wait to bust them out on the beach ASAP! They run in sizes from XS to XXL, and see you in the sun (?which rises in the Eaaaaaaaast?). 

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