So the new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ will be all up in your face on…

Get ready, Disney/fairytale fanatics. Emma Watson will dance into theaters as the live-action Belle of your dreams in Beauty and the Beast on March 17. No, not tomorrow, sadly. March 17, 2017. Yes, take a minute to mourn the fact that we are still two years away from the glory of this ultra-anticipated Disney remake.

Have you mourned? Do you need more time? If you need more time, take it, but don’t stop reading, because there is good news ahead. When the new retelling of Beauty and the Beast finally does hit theaters in 2017, the action will jump magically off the screen and into your face via 3D technology and miraculous feats of CGI (how else are they going to bring the beast to life in a way that doesn’t feel totally stale and dated?).

Of course, Emma Watson will be the Belle of our collective dreams (seriously, playing Belle and Hermione means she has officially cemented her spot in history as every single bookworm girl’s biggest hero) and Dan Stevens will play the Beast/Prince. Luke Evans will play the misogynistic villain Gaston and absolute all-stars Emma Thompson and Kevin Kline have signed on to play Mrs. Potts and Belle’s father, Maurice, respectively.

And let’s not forget Josh Gad as Lefou.

The movie should be basically be drowning in Disney magic. In addition to a literal dream cast (I’m pretty sure these are the people who act out Beauty and the Beast for me in my sleep), eight-time Oscar-winner Alan Menken (who won two Academy Awards for the 1991 animated classic version of the movie), will score the film. And, did I mention it’s a musical? The movie will feature new recordings of the original songs (EMMA WATSON SINGING “SOMETHING THERE” OMG), in addition to several new songs written by Menken and Sir Tim Rice.

Beauty and the Beast begins production in London in May and I need to go book my vacation right this minute so I can be there to soak in any of the extra magic that will be in the air while it’s filmed.

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