These 11 beautiful photographs of ballet dancers in NYC will have you dancing in the streets

It’s always incredible when artists collaborate, and it often creates even more impressive work. That must have been what photographer Omar Z. Robles was thinking, when he started teaming up with professional ballet dancers and taking some of the most breathtaking photos we’ve ever seen!

1. This pair of ballet dancers are defying gravity!

Robles takes dancers out into the streets of New York, and the contrast between the powerful and the delicate will take your breath away!

2. This fabulous dress looks even more incredible when it flutters through the air.

3. Dancing in the rain!

4. Strength and poise while balancing on a manhole cover!

5. This pic is extra intesnse, because the pair look like they could be run over any second!

6. She looks like a superhero!

7. The timing on these shots is incredible!

8. He even finds beauty below the city streets.

9. The balance and flexibility are incredible!

10. This contrast of colors is almost as breathtaking as this pose.

11. This poor pup doesn’t even KNOW what to think about this flying human!

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