We’re absolutely floored by this beautiful eye makeup art

Many view cosmetics and makeup as an art form, but for 29-year-old Israeli makeup artist Tal Peleg, the eyelid is literally a canvas. And we’re not just talking about a kickass smoky eye here.

Tal might only have the space between her brow and her eyelid, but in that tiny area of skin, she is able to create seriously mind-blowing portraits. “I love photography, makeup and design, and in my creation I mix all of my skills together,” Tal, pictured (sans eyelid portrait) below, explains on her Facebook page. 

Tal, who has over 150,000 followers on Instagram and over 200,000 likes on Facebook, creates her beautiful masterpieces and shares on social media including her technique and her inspiration behind each piece. And the results are enchantingly gorgeous.

Once glance at her Instagram and you can see that Tal is a cat lover, which makes her A-OK in our book. But she also features adorable fandom cats, such as Mochi the cat hugging his bud, Baymax:

Some of her cat portraits are a little more solemn, such as her tribute to her friend who lost her cat. ” I created this eye-art for Simone, in memory of [her cat] Minou. . .” Tal wrote on her Instagram, “illustrating that everyone who lost a pet could relate to it somehow. . . we all wish we had a few more moments with them.”

Some of her work reminds us of Lisa Frank, and we are SERIOUSLY digging it:

Who knew that the poop emoji could look so good on your eyelid?

Tal also uses her work to inspire little girls to be their best selves. In fact, this lovely Barbie art was even featured on the company’s Instagram page!

Tal also uses her makeup for amazing causes like anti-bullying. This one totally takes our breath away:

That said, Tal doesn’t *just* use her eyelids. In fact, she uses her hair, too — and colored contacts. And colored eyebrows. The effect? AMAZINGNESS. Here, she looks like a Peacock Queen, and we’re totally loving it.

She also has done full face makeup in the past, such as this totally insane steampunk look that has blown us away:

I wish I could hire Tal to paint gorgeous masterpieces on my face every single day. Talk about talent! To see more of her work, like her on Facebook or follow her on Instagram, and be prepared to be totally, 100% mesmerized. Thanks, Tal, for sharing your gift!

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