We didn’t know doughnuts could be this beautiful

Everybody loves a good doughnut. They’re the perfect sugary snack for… any time of day, right? RIGHT. You’re probably picturing a doughnut in your mind already; one that’s ring-shaped and powdery. But no doughnut your brain could imagine would be more beautiful than the ones being made at Doughnut Time in Australia.

Doughnut Time is coming up on its one-year anniversary, and to mark the special occasion they brought in 20 bakers to make the most extravagant donuts. They really got creative, adding mouth-watering snacks like caramel popcorn, chocolate ganache, candy, raspberry confection, cotton candy, green tea, and everything else delicious that you can possibly think of. Let’s start off slow, to ease you into the amazing-ness.

That one looks like a pleasant afternoon bite, icing looks pretty great. Okay, you’re probably sufficiently eased in. Now get a load of this EDIBLE CREATION THAT LOOKS LIKE A BIRTHDAY PARTY OR THE CANDY STORE AT DISNEYLAND!

Holy moly. This one’s our favorite, hands down. It is a purple donut. Want to go to there…

But sadly we can’t stuff these into our faces, well not unless you live in Brisbane, Australia (if you do, score!). However, something you can do is check out Doughnut Time’s Instagram account, because there’s loads more treats where these came from. Let’s look at the oozing chocolate donut one more time, just to kick off our weekend with a bang.

Wow. Speechless.

(Images courtesy of Instagram/Doughnut Time)