7 beautiful displays of intersectional feminism we can all learn from

When it comes to feminism, being intersectional is key. No longer can we leave behind women from marginalized communities who are often ignored. We must stand united, celebrating our differences and embracing each others’ unique perspectives.

This is often easier said than done, though. Tone deaf moments and awkward misunderstandings still abound. But we’re learning every day, and growing as a result. Intersectional feminism is a fierce and powerful force to be reckoned with. Once we join together, there’s nothing we can’t do.

Here are nine beautiful examples of intersectional feminism that show us how far we’ve come, while reminding us of how far we still have to go.

1This picture of the Women’s March on Washington

Although the Women’s March was rife with complications and issues, it still made a powerful statement about unity and joining together. The problems it highlighted should be discussed in the public forum so we can gain a greater understanding of intersectional feminism and what it really means. Those without voices should be allowed to speak out, and those usually at the forefront must learn to listen.

2These students learning about intersectional feminism

Education is essential, and teaching future generations about the importance of intersectional feminism is a beautiful and powerful step in the right direction. This forum allowed students to ask questions, air concerns, and learn what it truly means to be an intersectional feminist in this day and age.

3These powerful signs (held by powerful women)


If you needed a solid definition of intersectional feminism, this is it: supporting and embracing all types of women, and not excluding any of them. These fierce women are taking a stand against bigotry and prejudice, and we applaud them for it!

4This little girl recording history 

The future is fierce, unafraid, and proudly feminist. This little girl recording her part in a dramatic moment at the Women’s March is epic.

5This guy proudly showing his feminist stance

Having men backing up and supporting women is so important, and this picture reminds us that plenty of men walked alongside women in countless marches across the country.

6This powerful intersectional drawing

Artists of all sorts have been inspired by intersectional feminism, and this great image celebrating International Women’s Day is one of our favorites. It’s a powerful testament to the many different types of women that are out there, and how we should all stand together and support one other. It’s also about celebrating how different we may be and how unique our experiences are, but reminding us that that the end of the day we stand as one.

7This unforgettable moment

Pepsi tried to imitate it, but some moments cannot be recreated (and in this case, absolutely should not). Without uttering a word this image gives us a powerful and awe-inspiring look at the strength of feminism and the power of peaceful protest. It’s raw, beautiful, and haunting. This is the force behind intersectional feminism: drawing strength from each others’ differences and using them to make a strong statement. No soda company can compare to that.

8This awesome couple’s protest


For A Day Without Women, America Ferrera and her husband Ryan Piers Williams wanted to make their stance on the matter perfectly clear. With the help of some powerful t-shirts (and a prominently displayed “Resist” sign), they took a stand in supporting intersectional feminism. Can you say #relationshipgoals?

9This multi-generational moment

When Emma Watson showed up for the Women’s March, she didn’t walk alone. Instead, the actress brought along her mother. Two generations of women fighting for equality—now there’s something to stand up and cheer about!

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