We now know what the Beatles’ most streamed song is

The Beatles gave us all a super rad Christmas present this year when they made their catalog of music available to streaming services on Christmas Eve. You can now listen to nearly all of their songs online at places like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, TIDAL, and Amazon Prime. Apparently, people are indeed listening. According to Rolling Stone, in just the past two days users on Spotify added Beatles songs to over 673,000 playlists. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, that’s a lot of playlists.

Love for the Beatles is pretty much universal, too. The Independent reported that 65 percent of listeners streaming Beatles music are under the age of 34. Of course, younger listeners are probably more likely to use streaming services as a whole. But still, response to online access to these legendary songs has been overwhelming across the board. We’re basically ALL listening to the Beatles.

In case you’re wondering which songs we’re jamming to most frequently, yesterday Spotify listed the 10 most streamed Beatles tracks for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The big winner was “Come Together.” It hit the number one spot in the U.S., the U.K. and worldwide. The U.S. and U.K. lists are actually quite similar, with 8 songs overlapping out of the top 10.

Here’s a rundown of the results:

The Beatles Top 10 songs on Spotify, U.S.
1. “Come Together”
2. “Hey Jude”
3. “Here Comes The Sun”
4. “Let It Be”
5. “Twist And Shout”
6. “Blackbird”
7. “I Want To Hold Your Hand”
8. “In My Life”
9. “She Loves You”
10. “Help!”

The Beatles Top 10 songs on Spotify, U.K.
1. “Come Together”
2. “Hey Jude”
3. “Here Comes the Sun”
4. “Twist and Shout”
5. “Let It Be”
6. “I Want To Hold Your Hand”
7. “Help!”
8. “Love Me Do”
9. “I Feel Fine”
10. “She Loves You”

The Beatles Top 10 songs on Spotify, Worldwide
1. “Come Together”
2. “Let It Be”
3. “Hey Jude”
4. “Love Me Do”
5. “Yesterday”
6. “Here Comes The Sun”
7. “Help!”
8. “All You Need Is Love”
9. “I Want To Hold Your Hand”
10. “Twist And Shout”

If anyone needs us, we’ll be spending the rest of the day twisting and shouting.

[Image via Shutterstock.]