Bear tries to break into cars, internet can’t stop giggling

According to WJLA News in Gainesville, Virginia, a black bear has been spotted trying to break into cars at a local elementary school. The ABC affiliate says the bear has shown up for several days in a row, where apparently he’s on the prowl for snacks in vehicles in the school parking lot.

Oh Mr. Bear, what a smarty pants you are. Anyone who’s ever spent five minutes in the company of little kids knows that they never go anywhere without snacks. The cars in that parking lot are basically Cheerios on wheels. (You know we’re right.) If Mr. Bear is lucky, he’ll stumble upon an SUV with a juice box under the front seat.

Officials at Tyler Elementary School aren’t crazy about a bear roaming around on school grounds, even if said bear is a genius opportunist. They sent a letter home to parents letting them know about the criminal wild animal and asking them not to feed the bear if they see it hanging around. WJLA News picked up the story (because bears) and tweeted it. Since then, the internet cannot stop laughing. Twitter users just can’t bear it. (Come on. You know you laughed — or was that an eyeroll?)

Here’s the original tweet:


And here are a few of our favorite witty responses:

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We’re pretty sure this type of thing is why the internet was invented in the first place.

Is it wrong that we’re sort of hoping the bear sticks around as long as people are tweeting about it? *blushing emoji*

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