Family of bears throw a backyard pool party. NBD.

The dog days of summer are still in full swing, and escaping the heat is on everyone’s minds. Even the minds of bears, particularly in Rockaway, New Jersey. Earlier this week, a family of bears took over the Basso family’s swimming pool, prompting the Basso’s daughter to yell, “There are bears in the pool! They took my floatie!” which might be one of the best sentences ever uttered in human history.

After calling 911 and finding out there was little that could be done, the Basso family stayed inside at a safe distance, and captured the moment on film.

The bears stayed for almost an hour, enjoying the break from the heat, before leaving, probably for a BBQ. They swam around, played on the slide, and wrestled with each other while momma bear took it easy. Inside, the Basso girls were very concerned about their floaties, and given the size of bear claws, the fears were justified. But these bears weren’t out to cause trouble. They were just looking for a chill place to kick back.

“They came in, they experienced the pool, they got it, they seemed to enjoy themselves. They did a little bit of damage on the pool toys and floats and whatnot, but all in all I don’t think it was a terrible experience,” Tim Basso, a really good sport, told ABC6.

The 11-minute video captured by the human family shows this bear family in all their summer glory. Grab a floatie and watch.

(Image via Youtube)