These bears dancing to “Jungle Boogie” on ‘Planet Earth II’ have some surprisingly sweet moves

Leave it to animals to try and show humans up in the dance department. Per Uproxx, this video of bears dancing to “Jungle Boogie” on Planet Earth II even more proof that animals dancing is the cuteness break we need to get this weekend started off a hilarious note.

So, ICYMI, every single Planet Earth II video released thus far has been chock full of all things awesome, spine-tingling and thrilling and these bust-a-move bears are no exception to the rule. BBC Earth shared the two-minute clip of what is actually a compilation of grizzly bears in the Canadian Rockies caught on film scratching their backs against trees. It just so happens that their body-scratching methods sync perfectly with Kool & the Gang’s 1973 classic funk jam.

Just look at this bear shaking his butt and droppin’ it like it’s hot while gripping the branch for balance. THIS BEAR IS WERKING IT, Y’ALL:


If you think that’s impressive, watch what happens when the bears scratch on the beat:

Ugh, these promos have us going insane with anticipation! This cleverly compiled bear vid is yet another reason why we absolutely cannot wait for the premiere of Planet Earth II.