These bears are adorably baffled by a pink balloon

Humans are born knowing that balloons are fun. Restaurants give them to kids to keep them occupied, as a parting gift or so other customers know where not to sit (JK, you guys). They have a constant presence at parties and celebrations of all kinds. Balloons symbolize good times. And not just to humans.

While visiting the Beekse Bergen Safari Park in Holland, Xaviera Simons came across three bears who stumbled upon a pink balloon that floated into their bear environment. So she did what most people would do, she whipped out her phone and started filming.

The inquisitive bears chased the balloon around as it blew in the wind. Once they got ahold of it, they sniffed it and nervously touched it, because pink balloons are confusing. Then things got not so gentle and the balloon popped. Bear claws and balloons don’t mix.

We’re hoping the popped balloon was quickly removed from the bear area (bearea?), because bears like to eat things, and balloons aren’t on the food chain for a reason.

Check out the adorableness: